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Mountain Flying in Colorado

One of the greatest thrills of being a pilot in Colorado is the opportunity to fly throughout the majestic Rocky Mountains. With snowcapped peaks, high deserts and grasslands, and many interesting public-use airports, mountain flying can be the highlight in a lifetime of flying.

Mountain flying isn’t without risk. Narrow and sloping runways, one-way airports, density altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet and unpredictable and abrupt changes in weather will test any pilot’s decision-making abilities and skills.

Statistics show that pilots without the training and skills needed for safe flight over mountainous terrain often get themselves into situations which are beyond their capabilities. The risks of mountain flying are minimized when a pilot fully understands the conditions commonly encountered in mountainous regions, specific challenges of destination airports, and the performance characteristics of their aircraft. A pilot wanting to spend time flying their airplane through the mountains should get some mountain instruction or take a mountain flying course. This training can be accomplished all through one-on-one instruction with one of our local flight training providers. Pilots visiting the area have the opportunity to train with Colorado’s most experienced and qualified flight instructors that fly daily in the Rocky Mountains.

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