Classic Air Medical

Classic Air Medical is the first medical helicopter to ever have a home base in the Roaring Fork Valley. Flight operations out of Valley View Hospital and Glenwood Springs Airport started in April, 2016. The ability to access the rugged terrain we love to live in, and provide swift transport to any hospital in the state was previously limited due to air assets being located further away.

The hospital and others recognized this deficiency and brought Classic in to improve healthcare access for our community and the region. Having a locally based helicopter ambulance reduces crucial time to access critical medical care for the residents of the Glenwood Springs area.

Classic Air Medical has been specializing in critical care emergency medicine and search and rescue operations since 1988 in locations such as: Lake Powell, Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP, Moab, Steamboat Springs, and more. The Glenwood Springs Airport is a vital logistical component necessary to sustain this state of the art service for our community as it provides a fueling location, maintenance and hangar site.

A link to Classic Air Medical’s website can be found here: