Airport Supporters Let’s Spring Into Action! VOTE YES ON BALLOT QUESTION A

The ballots are out, as you know, if you are a registered voter in Glenwood Springs.  We finally have the original language we’ve wanted since last June. (sheesh!), so let people know that behind all the drama, this is a simply stated, yet important issue:
Ballot Question amends the City Charter to ensure that the sale or permanent closure of the Glenwood Springs Airport would have to be approved by a majority of qualified electors in Glenwood Springs.
It cannot be assumed at all that City Council would consult the community and incorporate its input in such a major decision without this amendment.
Remind folks: City Council can close the airport anytime they want to, for any reason.
Remind folks: City Council has indicated many times over the past year that they are interested in closing the airport. 
A determination to close the airport would be FINAL.
There is no tax, no mill levy, no hidden cost behind this simple measure.
Revisit or reconnect with folks you know that support the airport or signed your petition; Make it clear that it’s Yes on A
Urge friends and neighbors who don’t use the airport or know much about it to vote yes in favor of the transparency and fairness this measure ensures.
Letters to the Editor: This is always good, neighbor telling neighbor what’s going on, and what the Ballot Initiative is about. Stephanie Stanfield has just sent letters to the Aspen Daily News and the Post Independent. Write in if you are so inclined.
Precinct walking: SOSA has obtained and analyzed a list of likely voters and consistent voters. We are ‘speaking’ to 6,000 people, but we want to target those who often vote in off-year (non presidential elections).  We’ll be distributing that info soon. 
A postcard mailer is going out next week. There will be an overrun printed, so that you can distribute postcards to your friends and neighbors
Temporary web site: We have secured the domain name, and have mounted a simple website to address extra information and extra questions about this issue that has dragged on for ten months—thanks to the City’s resistance. Refer folks to it.
Yard signs: We’re producing a few. Take one if you are in a highly visible area.
A feature is being written by reporter Ike Fredregill of the POST INDEPENDENT outlining both sides of the issue, and we will be contributing to that. 
Ads in the newspaper. Everyone reads that paper!  And this is a way to speak to everyone at once.
Anyone want to sit in front of the post office at a table, explaining our position?  During the week, there’s major foot traffic between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Again, a neighbor-to-neighbor chance to connect.
Amy Helm has been amazing at messaging and frequency of posting on social media. That will continue.

Here is the ballot language, if you don’t have it handy. 

Shall Section 13.2 of the City of Glenwood Springs home rule charter be amended as set forth below, with new language in bold and underline?

Sec. 13.2 – Restriction on sales of land and water rights.

Neither lands owned and used by the City for park, airport, or governmental purposes, nor water rights, shall be sold or conveyed without an affirmative vote of a majority of the qualified electors. Nothing in this provision, however, shall prohibit the City from exchanging, or changing point of diversion of water rights without such vote.

The City shall continue to own, operate, repair, and maintain the Glenwood Springs municipal airport, including its facilities, improvements, and runway, in at least the general condition and configuration that existed on January 1, 2021, unless and until a majority of the qualified electors of the City approve the sale or permanent closure of the airport. Nothing in this provision shall (i) prohibit the City from constructing a tunnel under the airport runway, improving the airport, or extending the runway, or (ii) compel the City to use non-airport enterprise funds to operate, repair, maintain, or improve the airport.